Corsi S.p.A. offers transport services on behalf of third parties at controlled temperatures, both positive and negative, and has a hub (terminal) in Verona where the goods can be temporarily deposited waiting to be transported to the final destination and a commercial and operational office in Taranto.


The TERMINAL in Verona has approx. 10,000 square meters of refrigerated storage. It is equipped with different cells, for both negative and positive temperatures, and is equipped with specific equipment to satisfy any storage and handling requirement.


With the service called transhipments Corsi S.p.A. offers all operators in the agri-food and logistics chain, including medium and small sized ones, a temporary storage of goods in Verona in the interport area, waiting for them to be reloaded for the continuation of transport.


The warehouses of Corsi S.p.A. they are located in a strategic position for all operators in the agri-food chain who intend to move their products in Europe. Located in Verona within the interport area in one of the largest agri-food districts in Italy, at the intersection of corridor V (Lisbon-Kiev) and corridor I (Berlin-Palermo), they are a reference point for anyone who wants to transport controlled temperature goods.